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03 December 2011 @ 11:37 pm
~OC Search~  
Title: *not decided yet*
Pairing: -Main-Morimoto Ryutaro x OC & Chinen Yuri x OC -Minor-Okamoto x OC & Arioka Daiki x OC
Rating: PG-13 to PG-15 *not official yet*
Summary: Two ordinary girls with only a plan to have a happy life experience something they never ever dreamed of doing. After receiving an old book, they opened it and traveled back in time where a person would look like a prostitute if they wore skirts that showed their calves/knees, and where wearing a t-shirt was too revealing of the female body. The girls tried to find a way back but the book was no longer in their hands. On their journey to find a way back to the time they were originally from, the girls find out about their past lives and they fall in love with their helpers but the outcome is only more trouble and complications. Experiencing problems they never dreamed of facing, the girls wonder what could possibly happen to the future if they never got back.

To apply, please go here: http://iriejingi95.livejournal.com/42418.html#cutid1

Application will be closed on December 20th, 2011.
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