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25 October 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Say 'I love you' OC Search~!  
Title: Say 'I love you'
Author: iriejingi95
Pairing: Main-Chinen Yuri x OC *already chosen* Minor- Okamoto Keito x OC & Nakajima Yuto x OC
Rating: PG-13/PG-15
Genre: Angst, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Tragedy, & possible Comedy<---still not decided yet
 When he was raised and trained to kill and fight, there was a rule that he could not disobey. To NOT fall in love, was his number one rule, but what happens when he breaks it unintentionally? She just so happens to protect that one person that he has to take down. Not knowing what his abilities or who he really is, she has to go against him. Can he achieve both goals? What will happen to that one special girl of his?
Note: Inspired by a drama that I recently watched^^ And it won't be up anytime soon......hehehehe............
And this will not be written for a while, but I will still try to update when I can^^

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Application closed November 1st~!

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